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Thermodynamic Solar Panels

The Panel

Thermodynamic solar panels are able to collect the heat from the sun, the wind, the rain and even the night air, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
A non-combustible refrigerant fluid circulates through the Thermodynamic panel, which collects the solar radiation and ambient heat energy from both sides of the panel making it efficient even at low temperatures.
The panel also acts as an evaporator in the compression cycle of the heat pump.
Only high quality and corrosion resistant materials are used in the manufacture of the panel to ensure a long and safe lifespan.
Every panel is pressure tested to ensure consistently high quality.
The Panel is robust but also very light, weighing only 8kg.
Panel Specification
Material: Aluminium/Black Coating
Collection Area: 3.6m2
Dimensions: 1960 x 920 x 20mm
Weight: 8kg
Fitting: Roof or Wall

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