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Thermodynamic Central Heating Systems

Thermodynamic Central Heating

Our unique high temperature split is the easy way to replace an existing boiler, for a much more energy efficient, renewable energy heating system. Why use gas to heat your home when you could use the environment? With the current increases in gas prices our thermodynamic system is the perfect replacement and can save you £££`s.



  • Replace conventional furnaces with heat pump
  • Our system easily connects to the classic radiator system
  • Water temperature to 80 ° C without any additional electrical heaters
  • Work to outside temperature of -25 ° C
  • High coefficient of performance, thanks to the dual inverter heat pump
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • No need to bore
  • Modern energy efficient system that uses renewable sources of energy


Our HT system can be combined with:

  • Thermodynamic-heat-pumpUnder floor heating, one of the most comfortable heating methods
  • Fan coil units
  • Low temperature radiators to provide the comfort required
In addition, it can be connected to:
  • A domestic hot water tank to supply your hot water needs
  • Solar collectors, with optional solar kit, to compliment the production of hot water
  • A room thermostat, to regulate the ideal temperature easily, quickly and conveniently


The Room Thermostat

The large LCD screen on the room thermostat indicates all the necessary information regarding the setting









of our HT system in a blink of an eye. The user can also easily navigate between the different menus whose most common functions and modes include:

  • Setting the temperature of the room based on measurements from the built-in sensor
  • Vacation function mode Time (day and month)Comfort and reduced function modes
  • Off function (with integrated frost protection function)
  • Programmable weekly timer with 2 standard and 5 pre-set programs
  • Setting limits. The installer can change the upper and lower limits
  • Key-lock function


The outdoor unit:

Thermodynamic-heat-pump-exchangerCompact, weather-resistant and easy to install.
Contains an inverter controlled compressor for energy efficiency and precise temperature regulation.

Heat exchanger anti-corrosion treatment as standard
The heat exchanger in the outdoor unit is provided with an anti-corrosion treatment. This treatment guarantees and noticeably increases the resistance against acid rain and salt corrosion.

Super performance thanks to the inverter principle
The coefficient of performance (COP) ofour HT system heat pump is also largely attributable to the inverter principle. An integrated frequency converter adjusts the rotational speed of the compressor to suit the heating demand. Therefore, the system seldom operates at full capacity and your customer only pays for the energy which they actually need.

Thermodynamic-heat-pump-diagramThe scroll-compressors provided are designed as a compact, robust, low-noise device to guarantee optimal operational reliability (no valves and built-in swing-link coupling) and efficiency (through a low initial flow and a constant compression ratio).




The Hydrobox:

Available in two versions: EKHBH for heating only, EKHBX for heating and cooling

Built-in electric back-up heater for additional heating during extremely cold outdoor temperatures or as back-up in case of problems with the outdoor unit

2 shut-off valves to assemble the water outlet and inlet

Compact and easy to install: all components are pre-assembled, all parts are easy to reach for maintenance. Wall-mounting is comparable to a traditional gas heater.

1.Heat exchanger
2.Expansion tank (2.64 gal.)
4.Tank with back-up heating
5.Air purge valve
6.Refrigerant fluid connection
7.Refrigerant gas connection
8.Water inlet connection
9.Water outlet connection
10.Pressure gauge (water circuit)
11.Water filter
12.Pressure relief valve
13.User interface
14.Switch box
15.Flow switch



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