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thermodynamic heating systems

Thermodynamic Solar Heating Systems

Thermo dynamic heating

Thermodynamic Heating Systems are a UK based company specialising in manufacturing and distribution of renewable energy products enhancing the green environment.

Thermodynamic Heating Systems are pleased to announce the addition of Thermodynamic Panels to their range of Renewable Energy products. This exciting new product combines tried and tested technology with a innovative system concept to produce hot water & central heating for a fraction of todays cost. Thermodynamic panels are part of the next generation of green technology, overcoming the disadvantages of traditional thermal heating by working day and night and in wind and rain.

The system is capable of absorbing the solar energy all year long, even during cold periods and transferring this energy to heat space and hot water efficiently and environmentally.

The COP (Coefficient of Performance) measures the efficiency of a system and calculates energy produced (heat) for a given electrical input. The higher the COP the better. This system is at least 20% more efficient than traditional thermal with a COP rating of 3 to 6.

We now also offer the Magic thermodynamic box which can reduce your hot water energy bills by up to 90%. Follow the link to find out more Magic Thermodynamic Box